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We are a professional team dedicated to providing web infrastructure products and services, allowing businesses to focus on their growth with cost-effective and measurable solutions. We offer various solutions and implementations to accelerate website access layers and efficiently maintain continuous operation.


We are 100% driven by pros

Our core philosophy embodies a singular mission: delivering lightning-fast hosting with unwavering technical prowess, all at accessible, eco-conscious rates.

Our commitment extends far into the future, cultivating enduring customer partnerships that span a lifetime.

We’ve become the proud hosts of over 22,000 websites, serving delighted clients in many countries across the world.


Customers centric business

Our commitment extends from helping you set up and manage your websites, to guiding you through the world of WordPress or any other software we offer.

Moreover, we’re thrilled to provide hassle-free site migration from your current hosting provider, completely on the house. Simply share your previous hosting details, and we’ll seamlessly transfer your data, ensuring a smooth transition with zero downtime.

Beyond comprehensive onboarding support, we’re dedicated to optimizing your website’s performance. We’ll actively recommend enhancements as we uncover them, ensuring your site operates at peak efficiency.

Our goal is to achieve 100% customer delight


No Scary Hidden Extras

Effortless payment process. We're committed to transparency – no additional fees for SSL certificates, domain transfers, backups, or any unexpected hidden costs.


Global Locations

Boasting servers across 12 global hubs, you can position your servers in proximity to your user base. Ideal for lightning-fast access and tailored to fulfill data localization prerequisites.


Full Automated

We harness cutting-edge innovations in centralized management, deployment, and monitoring to craft an optimal hosting ecosystem while keeping expenses at bay.


Knowledgeable Support

No matter the challenge, big or small, AgiBlast's adept customer support squad is ready to ensure our customers' satisfaction. We find joy in assisting your unique business needs – it's our forte, and we excel at it.


No Sales Commission

We don't employ aggressive salespeople. If all you require is our affordable $5.99 hosting plan, rest assured, that's exactly what you'll receive – no pressure, just value.


24/7 Support

Feel free to reach out anytime for inquiries or expert guidance regarding your hosting package. We're here to assist you around the clock.

Our Customers, Our Success

Need assistance? Contact our support

Our team is available 24/7, and our average ticket response time is around 30 minutes.